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Honoring and Empowering the Divine Feminine with Thermography:

a gentler more humane approach to Breast Health Assessment


Knowledge is power.  

Ladies, we have a choice and now is the time to use our individual and collective voice and to raise awareness about this very important topic. Join us for this informative talk and be a part of the quest to bring about changes in the current medical paradigm. Thermography utilizes state of the art; FDA approved infra red technology to provide an image of the body’s physiologic responses and to detect the physiologic changes in the breast tissue that have been shown to correlate with pre-disease or disease states. Since thermal imaging detects changes at the cellular level, this test can detect activity 8-10 years before other tests. With Thermography the potential exists for early intervention of a proactive nature to facilitate the best possible outcomes for breast health. It is a totally safe, painless test with no radiation, no compression and no contraindications, & allows patients to maintain their dignity while be proactive in their health and wellness concerns. 

Dr. Philip Getson

Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging 

Integrating Homeopathic Care into a Healthy Lifestyle

Mary discusses how to integrate homeopathy to prevent illness and achieve your optimal capacity and wellness. In these times in which 1 in 6 children have special needs, 1 in 38 are on the autistic spectrum, and growing numbers of children and adults suffer from autoimmunity and other chronic illnesses, homeopathy is making a significant difference in people's lives. Learn about this safe, gentle, and natural system of healing for pain management, addiction, environmental illness, behavioral concerns and so much more. Learn how homeopathy can relieve your symptoms, work with your body to heal itself and improve your overall health.

Mary Hernandez

Holistic Health Practitioner

Clean Your Genes for Health & Happiness


Empower yourself with the latest science that can change your and your families destiny.

Learn about genetic variations that are causing root cause serious disease that can be both prevented and reversed.

Learn about simple testing you can take and the solutions that can stop suffering and promote vigor and vitality.

Dorothy Holtermann

Author, Holistic Health Practitioner

Root Cause Solutions for Women's Wellness

With over 30 years of healthcare experience, Lisa is excited to announce her new program, guiding women to optimum wellness by correcting the root causes of imbalance and illness.  Many of us live with mild underlying concerns or outright symptoms, that prevent us from from feeling our best. We seek out care and receive "band-aid" style treatments, medications or often no answers at all. The good news is that  with the right support and guidance, we can heal. Women deserve the support and wisdom to  thrive! Lisa's discussion will include 5 simple changes to empower you on your journey to wellness. 

Lisa Paladino CNM, IBCLC

Women's Healthcare and Lactation

According to the NIMH, as many as 1 in 200 children in the US may suffer from PANDAS/PANS, a post infectious autoimmune encephalitis caused by streptococcus. Many of these children are misdiagnosed and mislabeled as having psychiatric and behavioral disorders. Anorexia, OCD, Depression, Separation Anxiety and loss of cognitive skills are some of the symptoms that are never associated with an infection, especially something so common as streptococcus. Emmy nominated director Tim Sorel, tracks the journey of six children and their families as they become tangled in the nightmare of a medical system where there is fierce disagreement about how to help these children. It also tells the struggle of Dr. Susan Swedo who linked strep to these debilitating mental health conditions.


My Kid Is Not Crazy

Movie excerpt followed by Q & A

 Join us for a meditation demonstration as we close our day. 

The Joy of Meditation

Venerable Thupten Phuntsok of

The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art